Página Sosial

ƒ 1,050.00

Página Sosial, a very effective infomercial of 5 minutes or 10 minutes where you can introduce your business, your products or services.

As it is an infomercial you can explain in more details what are the benefits you offer.

Página Social will be aired once, upon availability of time slot Prime-Time  9:10 PM.

Price per Pagina Social: Ang 1050,-

If you want a 10 minutes Página Sosial, just add 2 packages to your cart.

Price includes for 5 minutes of Página Sosial 1 hour productions.

Please specify in notes when you want us to film your infomercial and when you want your Página Sosial to be aired.

We will call you to setup productions and confirm air date.