Kant’é Bingo

Kant’é Bingo

TeleCuraçao will organize weekly or monthly a virtual Bingo game.
Bingo is one of the most popular games in Curaçao and its played amongst friends and family with a lot of fun.
To participate at the Bingo game is free.
Clients of the participating stores will be awarded free pin-codes to play Bingo.

Participating stores will provide attractive and useful prizes to the winners.
This game will be of high audience as it will be broadcasted live on TV, radio and social media on Sundays between 18:00 and 19:30

Partner store:

  1. Prize partner will receive exposure during drawings. Mentioning and logo on screen.
  2. Prize partner will get 3 daily spots to promote its Campaign. (1 Prime, 1A, 1 in program)
  3. Prize partner will be mentioned in each TeleCuraçao promo regarding the campaign.
  4. Prize partner’s logo will appear on banners and social media of TeleCuraçao.
  5. Prize partner’s products or services will be given as prize to bingo game winners (Up to Ang 1000 permonth, paid by TeleCuraçao)
    Total participation per month Ang 4500,-

Full partner store.

In addition to the Partner Store, Full partners can give away pin codes to clients to participate in weekly bingo.
Additional price will be depending on quantity of pin codes generated for partner.


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