BFox Fitness



BFox Fitness presents a daily video of 3 minutes of training, motivation, and tips.

Video will be showed at least 5 times a day on TeleCuraçao (100x per month).

The video is also available on RTV7 in The Netherlands, Cariflix, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

during TeleCuraçao’s daily programming, On RTV7, Cariflix, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Your business can be part of this video with Curaçao greatest fitness influencer/personal trainer Bertier Magdalena alias BFOX.

  • Mentioning in Open and close of video as the Main Partner of Bfox Fitness on Multimedia: Ang 1200 per month.
  • Branded content, product placement, product usage or product mentioning:  Ang 999,- per month.
  • Onetime mentioning: Ang 200,- per program. (Program will be broadcasted 5x)


About  BFOX.
Bertier Magdalena better known as BFox.

When I was just a kid I already had a good body shape, that’s why they started calling me Berty Fox. They related me to a bodybuilder who at that time used to be Bertil Fox. Of course I was always very interested in sports at school like soccer,  Baseball, track and field, but I never thought about bodybuilding.  When I learned about this man, bodybuilding, weight training and the gym attracted me a lot.  That’s when I started training.

Other than that something that many do not know and impresses many people is that I’m a psychiatric-mental health nurse. As a psychiatric-mental health nurse my job is to support the consequences of a psychiatric disorder in complex care situations.

Since my youth I liked to help people a lot and most of all those with fewer resources, I have also realized that I have a gift guiding people with the goals they set for themselves.

Between 2019 and 2020 I decided to take the matter more seriously. I began to work as a personal trainer and the rest is history. So, we can say that I have 1 year and a half doing this job.

Now more than ever I can say that I am more motivated to continue growing and reach my goal which is to help and guide other people with their goals to be more fit. And thats what BFox stands for; Be Fit with BFox.