$ 9,500.00 | ƒ 17100.00

Gameshow Bai’é – Partner Proposal

This proposal contains all the information regarding BAI’É and states all the benefits of becoming a Main Partner of the BAI’É gameshow.

  1. Partner will have the non-exclusive right in its branch
  2. Partner has the right to delegate 1 participant to the drawing.
  3. TeleCuraçao will produce free of charge a (simple) spot for Partner.
  4. Partner will get free exposure during drawing.
  5. Partner will get 2 daily spots to promote its BAI’É Campaign. (1A-Time, 1 in
  6. Partner will get the right to customize his campaign and use the BAI’É logo.
  7. Partner can decide on which amount of sale he will give out lottery tickets to his clients or any other form of choosing his winning client.
  8. Partner will be mentioned in each TeleCuraçao promo regarding the campaign.
  9. Partner’s logo will be on each flyer or poster of the TeleCuraçao Campaign.
  10. Participation fee Partner: Naf 17.100,- (6 monthly installments of Ang 2850,-)

Tentative Starting Date For Campaign: June 2019

Tentative Starting Date For Show: July 2019

Bonus: 2 Daily spots as mentioned under 5, will start by signing of agreement.